Communicating well helps all areas of your life and is my passion. It is connecting – in the best possible way – with other people.

This means closing the gap between your intention and how it is perceived by your audience. And ensuring your message is powerful, clear and honest.

Film and wellness Journalist

I love writing about all aspects of film, and interviewing people is a privilege especially when they let me into their world. I’m also obsessed with living the best life we can, even in difficult circumstances, and will be writing more on wellness and personal development.

After working many years in the industry, I became a film journalist in 2006 and wrote for film specialist magazines such as Metro Magazine, whose circulation includes Australia, NZ, SE Asia and Japan.

Articles have also appeared in Screen Education Magazine, Filmink and IF Magazine. Topics include film reviews, celebrities and filmmaker interviews, Sydney Film Festival, film technology and industry news.

My articles for The Big Issue Magazine range from The Mind and its Potential Conference to interviewing Sam Worthington about Avatar. Many years ago, I wrote for street magazines such as Beat and Revolver Magazine.

Tertiary Academic English teacher

I have taught Academic English at either UNSW or UTS since 2008. This has involved lectures, classroom lessons and individual consultations for students ranging from under-graduate to Ph.D. students. Topics include all aspects of writing, grammar, critical thinking, presentations, reports, essays and referencing. Previously, I taught General English at SELC for two years.

Writer, editor and proofreader

I’m an expert on style, structure, grammar and punctuation. My writing style includes humorous, conversational, informative (see my published articles), business, web writing, academic, verbal presentations and journalistic.


I am inspired by beauty and the startling aspects of life. My film experience in visual storytelling and composition is used in my photography. It’s a favourite pastime. My photography began being published in 2006. When interviewing someone for an article I often take accompanying location and headshots.

Script writer and editor

I assessed feature scripts on a weekly basis at the NSW Film and TV Office. Since then I’ve worked as a script editor on feature films; and have created dialogue for presenters and scripts for corporate videos, plays, short films and documentaries. Clients include Merlin Media, Huzzah Productions, MTV, Guinness Productions and Peephole Productions. Back in the day, I even had my own show, Square Flesh, on community television.

During my years in the film industry, I also worked as an actor, presenter, post-production editor and producer. These professions all increased my understanding of the art of communication.

Encouragement Leader – Rise Regardless

I am the creator of the worldwide phenomenon #RiseRegardless on Twitter and have over 236,000 followers on my account @moniquehohnberg. Growth has been exponential since beginning in January 2014 and content is around the theme of, you guessed it, Rise Regardless. I don’t believe in inspirational guides that say you can have it all and life should be positive all the time. I acknowledge life can be tough, really tough at times. It’s about creating quality of life no matter the circumstances. So expect some inspiration, reflections about the intricacies of life, the occasional kick in the pants (my followers love my wake up calls) and reveals from my personal life. Oh, and photos of things that mesmerise me. I love seeing beauty in the mundane.

Prior to this I wrote copy for websites. Clients included UTS – HELPS, NSWFTO, WIFT Australia and Merlin Media. And, of course, the fruits of my labour are on this website.

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