Monique Hohnberg is an experienced and professional editor and proofreader with work ranging from Ph.D. theses, published academic articles, resumes, covering letters and more. She has worked at UNSW or UTS since 2008 as a Tertiary Academic English Teacher and has over 40,000 words published as a journalist. Monique studied English teaching through Cambridge University. She has proofread topics such as robotics, mobile phone coverage, artificial intelligence, sociology, fine arts, computer science, biology, physics and chemistry.


Services include (for academics, researchers and students):


  • Remove any errors in grammar, punctuation, style, wording and structure


  • Add feedback to your work so your grammar and academic English skills improve


  • Respect your work so the editing changes are relevant


  • Give advice that will improve your writing style and ability


It’s a good idea to contact me 1 or 2 weeks before the due date to book in a time. Then you won’t get disappointed. Large documents can be also be sent in stages as you finish them.

Contact Monique Hohnberg for more information


Adrian Smith. Thesis MFA – Photography, University of Sydney.

The two examiners said it was very good as they didn’t have to worry about typo and grammatical errors like many other papers they read. Monique respected my vision of the project and gave stress free proofreading. She was easy to get along with and supported me all the way. Many thanks you do outstanding work.

Haris Javaid. Research Associate, School of Computer Science & Engineering, UNSW.

Monique proofread my PhD thesis. It looked a lot better after she caught all the little mistakes. She found sentences that did not make sense. On top of that, she was very helpful in explaining the corrections. Thanks for the terrific job.

Liang Liu, PhD Student, UNSW

Monique took a lot of the stress out of finishing my PhD thesis. She is accurate and helped me with my grammar. She fixed so many mistakes that I did not even see. Also, Monique can see when sentences are confusing even though it was a very specialised topic. I highly recommend Monique.

Simon Roptell – Filmmaker.

Monique also helped edit my novel and her understanding of structure, dialogue, dramatic tension and plot is terrific. Simon Roptell,