Monique Hohnberg is an experienced script editor and writer for feature films, television scripts, corporate videos, voiceovers, website videos and YouTube clips.

Monique knows how to write a script that gets people’s attention by being memorable and persuasive.

Services include (for feature films and television):

  • Help create natural dialogue and 3D characters that moves the plot forward and gives your script flair
  • Find all the clichéd scenes and push you to a new level of creativity
  • Problem solve plot, character and structural issues
  • Tighten your script by removing repetition and improving pacing
  • Be respectful of your vision for your project
  • Give you information on how funding bodies assess your application

Service include (for corporate video, YouTube clip, website video, short film and voiceover):

  • Write or edit your script so it is powerful, to the point and honest
  • Write or edit dialogue and create a compelling story
  • Write or edit a voiceover or presenter style script
  • Be the presenter or voiceover artist
  • Improve your public speaking, if you intend to be the presenter
  • Be respectful of your vision for your project


Monique brought my three part television script to a new level. She gave clear and insightful feedback into the structure of plot, character interaction and she pushed me to propel the story with action. We worked together from a rough story outline to a well polished final draft. When writing it is essential to have someone to give you feedback and push your work through the different draft stages.

Monique is fantastic, she’s extremely encouraging and supportive with an astute understanding of story. I highly recommend Monique Hohnberg to help you with your writing. Guy Richards. Screen Lecturer.

Monique’s feedback for my film was enormously helpful, she has a great eye for what works and doesn’t, how beats work, and can workshop nuanced difficulties with respect and creativity. Monique also helped edit my novel and her understanding of structure, dialogue, dramatic tension and plot is terrific. Simon Roptell,

Feature film assessment

Most scripts that a funding/investment body see are good, but no great. Feature films that receive funding are considered ‘no brainers’. They stand out easily from the rest. They have an outstanding script with a realistic production schedule and budget, and a crew that has been carefully selected so as to achieve the script’s goals.

The funding body must feel very confident that you can use their money wisely and create a hit. Not many applications inspire this amount of confidence.

A good script editor and someone who has assessed applications whilst working at a funding body can provide that extra edge needed to separate you from the rest.

Corporate or website video, voiceover and YouTube clip

A corporate video, website video, voiceover or YouTube clip is a great way to communicate with people. It adds a powerful personal touch to your message and removes the need for large chunks of text.

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