My interview with Girl Talk HQ Magazine

My interview with Girl Talk HQ Magazine

I talk about how I used loss and severe change to create the life I love at Girl Talk HQ Magazine. “Australian former film journalist and now personal development leader Monique Hohnberg is no stranger to going through life with high levels of uncertainty. In her early 20s, like many young people, she was living every […]

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Self Care Manifesto by Monique Hohnberg

Self care manifesto.

There are two types of tired. If you follow this self care manifesto for a week you will feel much better by the end of it. One is a tired mind which requires peace. The other is a tired body which requires rest. Look after yourself during these turbulent times. Do what you need to […]

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Low sugar green juice by Monique Hohnberg

The only juice and smoothie you need

I changed my eating from lazy healthy to super healthy in early January. I loaded up on fresh fruit and vegetables, and cut out all processed food. I looked up juices and wow there are a lot of different recipes out there! I don’t like too much fuss. If things are complicated I never action […]

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Say Yes To No by Monique Hohnberg

Say Yes to No

When you control what happens day to day the long term takes care of itself. The alternative is feeling out of control, can never get to the gym, start that photography class (when you operate like this you never get to those types of things), whinging to friends about how there is never enough time. […]

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Chris Brock As a Delivery Driver

Do The Thing Have The Power

  Chris Brock went from being a Magazine Editor in New York to burning out, smashing computers for a living, working as a carer with disabled people, and finally driving a van delivering groceries across the south of England.   After hitting rock bottom he had an epiphany and rebuilt his life. Now, he has […]

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Change Your Story Change Your Life Three Change Your Inner Critic To Be A Great Inner Coach by Monique Hohnberg RiseRegardless

Your Inner Critic – Change Your Story To Change Your Life Three

  Have your close friends been making remarks about the smallest thing you are supposedly doing wrong? Have your friends encouraged you lately and reminded you of your successes or are they silent? Do your friends believe in your abilities to make something happen? Do your friends believe in you? Do they help you stay […]

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Monique at The Shard looking over London Rise Regardless

Back Home Now I’m Cocooning And Ascending

Every morning I wake up I see horizontal slices of light come through a blind and I don’t know where I am. It’s a strange discombobulating experience. Even when sighting a piece of furniture I’m in a muddle. It takes minutes to assemble my bedroom items and make sense of them. I guess part of […]

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Monique Hohnberg in London Photography by Chris Brock

My Interview With Chris Brock

Hello Everyone, Sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately. I got very snowed under preparing  my “Ignite Your Life and Rise Regardless” course which I just taught in Greece and then I went on a holiday afterwards. Now, I’m back in Brisbane for the time being. It has been strange going from European culture to […]

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What's Your Super Power by Monique Hohnberg Rise Regardless Personal Development

What’s your Super Power?

It’s good to be reminded of your special powers. Is it maturity, or the ability to being the best out of people, knowing how to cook up a storm and turn dinners into some thing special, or to see the positive in situations? What are yours? And what resources and powers do you call on […]

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11 Top Distorted Thinking Habits That Sabotage You by Monique Hohnberg personal development Rise Regardless

11 Top Distorted Thinking Habits That Sabotage You

Decades ago, I read about distorted thinking in David Burns’ book – The Feeling Good Handbook. It changed my life. I wrote the list of habits down in a little notepad, kept it in my handbag and read it on the bus, on the couch, whenever I had a moment. Of all the personal development […]

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Self Trust, Intuition, Decision Making, Strength, and You. Forbes Rodeo 2018 by Monique Hohnberg

How To Hear Your Intuition And Act On It.

I had received a phone call from my mother. She told me she had very bad news. She had to have a breast removed and then chemo. She needed to be operated on straightaway, and they had scheduled it for 12 days time. Right then and there, I pivoted on the spot again. (To find […]

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Photography by Monique Hohnberg

Update On Bessie A Rough Week

It was a rough week. Mum started chemo. I searched for Bessie out on the farm (which we used to own but sold a while ago now) and had no luck. And I saw what has happened to my childhood farm. I drove out to the old property and saw my old home for the […]

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Monique Hohnberg in the Landcruiser going looking for Bessie the dog in Forbes, NSW, Australia

Bessie Has Gone Missing

  Many of you may remember Bessie. She was my Dad’s dog. And when he passed, she became my dog. I had to put on her on a friend’s farm while I sorted my life out in Sydney. I wanted to take her up north with me. Even though, in her new home, she had […]

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The Best Coastal Walk In The World, Bondi to Coogee -
 Bronte Beach. By Monique Hohnberg

Leaving Sydney

  My last goodbye swim in the cliff pool near my house did not go down like I wanted it to. I was angry and upset.   A few days prior, I had sent all of my belongings to Queensland. Now, all I had to do was finish tidying up and give access to the […]

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Commit To Yourself by Monique Hohnberg honberg RiseRegardless Rise Up

Commit to Yourself

  One of the biggest things I’ve been doing is to deeply commit to my intentional habits over and over again.   It goes something like this,   Alarm goes off at 6.45am. I wake up into consciousness, although you wouldn’t know it from looking at me. I run a self check through my body. […]

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Part Two Change your story to change your life by Monique Hohnberg RiseRegardless

Change Your Story To Change Your Life Two

If I had listened to the story my friends and family thought about me I would not have become a Encouragement Leader or launched my website. I would not have changed my life. I had been seriously ill for a very long time. It was only fair they thought that, but it wasn’t me (another […]

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Part One. Change your story to change your life by Monique Hohnberg Rise Regardless

Change Your Story To Change Your Life One

Use Positive Editing To Change Your Story and Life I was talking to a lady called Samantha at a Sunday dinner and she said to me, ‘I don’t know why I’m so negative. I talk to people. They ask me about my day and I always end up being negative.’ After asking her a few […]

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The Mind Believes What You Tell It. Making neuroscience and The Reticular Activating System (RAS) Work For You by Monique Hohnberg RiseRegardless

The Mind Believes What You Tell It

Kate was sitting with a friend looking through a fashion magazine, when she came across a beautiful sapphire ring and exclaimed, “I love this ring.” Her friend, Sophie said, “No you don’t. You only like it because your favorite color is blue.” Kate replied, “No, that’s not true. I love it.” Sophie flicked the page […]

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The One Bad Idea Running Your Day by Monique Hohnberg RiseRegardless Rise Regardless Personal Development and Lifestyle

The One Bad Idea Running Your Day

What’s the one underlying bad idea running your day? I certainly had one. It runs automatically in the background. It’s always there. That’s why you don’t see it until it’s pointed out to you. It sits in the background as an energy of frustration, discontent or resentment.  Mine was, “there’s not enough time in the […]

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